Looking At Cooking!

judgeModern cookware has become more versatile and with the introduction of oven safe plastics and silicones our way of cooking has altered. A modern saucepan set can now be used for more advanced and multipurpose cooking techniques. Everyday pan sets now incorporate features such as non- stick coatings, oven safe handles and heavy bases which distributes the heat evenly for better cooking results.

A pan set that highlights these features is the highly recognized and valued cookware range Judge Vista, a household name known for superb quality. Judge has incorporated traditional style with modern features and exceptional quality to create the perfect everyday cookware set.

The quality is largely due to the 18/10 stainless steel exterior and thick “hot forged” thermic base. Easy to clean and sturdy enough to cope with all types of hob, the thermic base holds and distributes the heat more evenly. It retains more heat making it more economical and especially suitable for induction hobs.

The easy grip phenolic handle, is made from a type of plastic that allows the pans to be put in the oven and withstand temperatures up to 180oC (gas mark 4, 350f), making this pan versatile in all types of cooking.

Excalibur is the toughest and longest lasting non-stick interior. The highly durable material is infused with a patented stainless steel which when combined with the stainless steel judge pan range makes them well built in every aspect. Judge is so confident with the Excalibur non-stick interior that they guarantee it for 10 years.

With a fully non stick interior on the majority of the range, you can fry, sauté, boil and even oven roast all types of foods. This makes recipes where you require more then one type of process easy and retains all the flavours by keeping the same pan throughout.

The shatter proof glass lid has the same quality feel as the rest of the pan, with a phenolic handle and steam vent.

The range has a multitude of options for all types of cooking, allowing you to pick the pan size and style you require.


2 thoughts on “Looking At Cooking!

  1. You mention just about every thing bar good old fashioned customer service,
    I just ordered a lazy boy three piece ,
    5% discount and a three month wait ,plus.
    I have been a customer for almost fifty years ,and have spent a small fortune on various items .
    I must tell the truth and say that service has got worse over the years with hardly any loyalty recognition.
    Yours disappointedly .
    Noel Barrett.

    • Thank you for shopping with us over the years and thank you for giving some feedback –

      With much of our furniture being specially made to order we are constantly working with suppliers to bring down delivery lead times and Lazy boy does take a particularly long time to come through, although having checked today your suite is due to arrive ahead of schedule, in the next two weeks, when we will be in touch to arrange delivery. We are sure it will be worth waiting for.

      We have put in a lot of effort over the past few months collecting customer addresses, mobile numbers and emails in order for us to reward our existing customers with offers and event previews. We plan to increase this in the New Year to improve our recognition of your loyalty.

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