What you need to know when buying a new bed

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Are you;  moving, or setting up home for the first time? Starting to feel uncomfortable and not getting a restful night?  Or is your bed beginning to look worn out, or even springs are starting to stick out!  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then chances are you might be considering purchasing a new bed.  If that is that case then there a few things you need to think about…

Divan or bed frame?

For a traditional look to tie in with your bedroom furniture, a bed frame can give character to a room. Metal, or wooden options are available in a variety of finishes. Pay special attention to the construction of the frame and the materials used, incorrect joints and assembly can quickly mean your bed begins to squeak as you move in the night – this can spoil a peaceful night and shorten the life of the bed. Also make sure there are sufficient slats in the base providing further strength and support, but not so much as to prevent good ventilation of the mattress. It sounds obvious but remember to check the bed frame and mattress you choose are the same size.

Divans offer a practical solution and provide optimum support for the mattress. They are particularly useful when ordered with drawers, or as an ottoman base, providing additional storage. Larger divan bases come in two pieces to be fixed together allowing easier access when being delivered.

What kind of mattress?

There are many different types of mattress and to really find out which is the best one for you, you need to visit a store that sells beds and spend some time lying on the different types of mattresses – just try not to fall asleep!

Different types of mattress:

Open coil

A popular choice for mattresses as they are often at the entry price level. The springs in this mattress are set out in rows, linked together by a spiral wire. This method of construction helps to spread body weight across the mattress.

By using differing thicknesses of wire in the springs, mattresses can give firm, medium or soft levels of support.


As the name suggests, the springs in these mattresses are contained in a fabric pocket. The spring count can run into 1000’s and sometimes form double layers,

The key advantage of the pocket sprung mattress, is that each spring can work in isolation, giving the correct level of support across the body and reduces roll together when the bed is shared.

Memory Foam

The term memory foam does not mean the bed remembers your body shape; rather the material reverts back to its original shape after being used.

This type of mattress has been proven to significantly reduce sleep movement and reduces pressure on key points of contact such as shoulders, back and hips.

Foam has the added benefit of being resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

This short film from The Sleep Council offers more advice when thinking about buying a new bed:

Top Tips from The Sleep Council when buying a bed:

Decide your priorities and concerns in advance. For example, is it: price, storage, access to bedroom, turning the mattress, getting in and out of bed, overall size or shape, a health issue, etc.

If possible, try a selection of beds for comparison before you buy. Set aside enough time to do the job properly so you can appreciate the differences and seek advice from trained members of staff, who can help narrow down the initial selection and help you target the correct bed.

Buy for correct support and comfort for your weight and build – not just firmness.

Wear comfortable clothing, remove any outdoor gear and lie on the bed for quite a long time – at least 5 minutes. Lie down in your normal sleeping position and make some turns, too.

Try it together, if the bed’s for two. You both need to feel comfortable.

Think big – larger beds are more comfortable. Being disturbed by a sleeping partner is one of the most common complaints. With a larger bed you are less likely to disturbed.

You get what you pay for – both in product and service – so spend as much as you can afford.

It can be tempting and more economical to buy a new mattress with the intention of using it on your existing base.  Please seek advice if considering this option as it can mean the performance of the mattress is compromised, and the supplier guarantee, so you may not be getting the very best from your new investment.

There are more tips and advice in this short film from The Sleep Council:

Remember! In 7 years you’re going to spend over 20,000 hours on your bed, so it’s worth taking a little time and effort in the beginning to make sure you make the right choice.

Still not convinced you need a new bed?

Try the sleep councils Bed MOT


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