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This week’s guest blog is from Nanci Gillett of Burhnham Interiors

There are so many Christmas decorations in the shops already that I thought it was wise to let you know the latest trends for Christmas 2013 before Rudolph comes tapping on your rooftop.  This year looks like we will be more adventuresome with colour.  Not only will we be ready for happy hues to convey our growing optimism, but we will also be thinking about adding hints of luxe.  There will be not only classic colours, but also an energetic range of brights and more metallic options

Traditional Christmas

The first trend is the comfortable and classic …Traditional Christmas.

 Traditional Christmas Decorations

This style is suitable for anyone with a traditional or a modern home because you can make it sleek and elegant with glass decorations.

Look for traditional green, red and white decorations.  Save money using foliage from your garden, apples from your tree or berries from your bush – just remember that natural fruit and foliage won’t last as long as artificial products BUT they do give off a wonderful scent.

Include candles and stockings, but please remember to be fire conscious and always use an appropriate candle holder.  Twinkling lights are a must in all our Christmas decorating.  In the evening there is nothing like sitting around the tree with it’s lights on and a fire roaring.

White Christmas

The second trend is one that was also strong for last year …White Christmas.

White Christmas Decorations

If you don’t like the traditional Christmas, but still want the glamour and sparkle then you could opt for a White Christmas.

Of course you’ll focus on white decorations, but only using white will make your design bland and boring.  For interest and appeal, use silver and lots of texture.  Think about using glass and things of different heights.  Of course anything that sparkles is always a must!

Tropical Christmas

The third trend is new and exciting full of colour and pattern…Tropical Christmas.

Tropical Christmas

For those of you who want something different to remind you of your travels then choose an African or Tropical Christmas theme.  There are many African and Malaysian products on the shelves at the moment that are fun, vibrant and exciting.

Go mad with colour or be bold with pattern.  The emphasis is for a homemade style to create a welcoming and invigorating home – clash it and mix it all up – you can’t go wrong with this trend as long as you stay with products and decorations from the same continent.


I always like to add every year to my Christmas decorations.  Buying a few new and fresh tree or home decorations always makes getting the house ready for Christmas a special experience.  Enjoy!


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